Whatever is your business – from accommodation to health care, from education to food service, we will provide you a specific cleaning and hygiene solution designed for your market.

Advance Clean - Industry AccommodationAccommodation

Our aim is to help you build that outstanding hospitality to your guests. You want your guests to feel comfortable because this is the place where your guests want to relax or take a vacation. Having a good laundry system to providing complete toiletries, your guests deserved a place to rest and take a break.

Advance Clean - Industry - Aged CareAged Care

Our first priority is provide a better living to your residents. Your residents deserve a comfortable, safe and clean environment. A thorough cleaning and disinfection procedure in a rest home is crucial to prevent any spreading of disease because your residents are the most vulnerable and have weak immune system.

Advanc Clean - Industry - Building FacilitiesBuilding & Facilities

Our mission is to provide you the efficiency you need to help you save time and labour cost without compromising the quality and performance and at the same time instilling sustainability that requires in your daily job of maintaining a facility.

Advance Clean - Industry - DistributionDistribution

Our aim is to help you improve your businesses productivity and operations by maintaining the cleanliness of your warehouses and the goods that you store in it.

Advance Clean - Industry - Food ServicesFood Service

Our number one priority is food safety. Every item and surface you use must be cleaned and sanitised to avoid food poisoning. Your staff who prepares the food must wear the proper gear to avoid contaminating the food. Your dining and washroom area must look and feel great and inviting for your diners.

Advance Clean - Industry - EducationEducation

Our ultimate vision is to provide a healthy school environment that will help your students learn better and support your teachers in delivering the bes