Spring Clean Your Office

While most of us have probably already been through spring cleaning our house, our office desk usually gets neglected and forgotten. As a lot of research shows, many people admit that their desk and office space, in general, are cluttered. Since your house and garden (just saying XD) got a refresher for the new season and holiday period, your office cubicle should not be missed out. Decluttering and brightening up your workspace can help motivate you, provide a better social experience and also make you more productive and efficient. You never know – it might even contribute to your promotion because the majority of management admit to judging their stuff based on their workspace cleanliness. 😉 It is time to lighten things up in your office! Check out these tips that we prepared for you.

Clean your desk and get rid of rubbish. Your desk should hold your absolute most important items – computer, phone, notepad and pen. Keep all important stuff within arm’s reach. Organize your paperwork and separate papers by sections such as “to file” and “to do”. Moving forwards, set limits on the amount of stuff you’ll tolerate on your desk.

Dust your cubicle. Everyone knows that a build-up of dust can be health damaging as it can irritate your respiratory system and it might trigger allergies. Use a dry duster to wipe your desk surface.

Disinfect your devices – computer, monitor, keyboard and phone. Make it at a habit. Electronic devices get touched by our fingertips, which carry a wide variety of germs and bacteria increasing the chance of infections.

Brighten it up! Spring cleaning isn’t only about getting rid of clutter. Once you have a tidy desk think about hanging some motivational posters to decorate your office wall with and get your creative juices going. To make it more appealing, use attractive notepaper, or supplies that make you feel creative or powerful. Pinterest always has good ideas that may inspire you. Grabbing a plant is also a brilliant idea. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that “simply enriching a previously spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15%.”

Remember – now is about renewal, so making gains toward something you haven’t made progress on in a while is sure to boost your sense of purpose, and help you take on other challenges you face at your day job.

Our workspaces could use a little refresher after this past winter season.