Product Description

The vast majority of ride-on professional sweeping jobs demand a machine that is compact, manoeuvrable and reliable. SR1101 represents simplicity and robustness in its most sophisticated form. Recommended for factory warehouses, car parks and outside areas such as parks and gardens.

SR1101 is easy to operate and self-explanatory operating panel means less operator training time needed. The SR 1101 is available in both battery and petrol versions for indoor or outdoor operation with a large range of optional accessories which provides the right tools for specific jobs. Accessory flexibility permits better and faster cleaning. The 70-litre hopper offers greater debris storage and less emptying time.

SR1101 makes cleaning both economical and productive.

    • Battery version offers up to 5 hours of running time
    • Climbing rate up to 20%
    • A large flap and 70 l of the hopper to easily collect dirt and large debris
    • 4,3 m2 of filter for an optimal dust control
    • Strong polyethylene construction plus steel frame; with robust solutions to avoid sources of malfunctions and minimise service
    • The theoretical productivity of 4900 m2 per hour with the optional left side broom
    • The standard version is delivered with 1 main broom, 1 right side broom and 1 paper filter

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