Advance Clean - Nilfisk Ecoflex



The Nilfisk Ecoflex Cleaning System allows you to match the performance to the soil on the floor and the required level of clean. You can activate the “burst of power” button for extra cleaning performance, and as easily return to original settings for minimum usage of water, detergent and power.

Ecoflex – Let the Water Do The Job

Ecoflex brings you high cleaning performance using fewer resources. Ecoflex offers you the option to clean with just water – or with minimum detergent. With Ecoflex, green meets clean.

Save Money and Resources

Cleaning green with the Ecoflex Cleaning System is efficient and eco-friendly. With greater flexibility, you will save time, use fewer machines, and reduce water and detergent consumption. Today’s increasing demands for cost efficiency are tough to meet, but now you can do more with less.

Pure Flexibility

Different facilities require different cleaning. By applying just the right blend of brush pressure, water or detergent, the Ecoflex Cleaning System is your professional and green solution to any cleaning challenge. The Ecoflex Cleaning System effortlessly switches between different cleaning intensities in one, easy pass.

Advance Clean - Nilfisk One Touch Ecoflex


Conserves water. The low-flow water, no detergent mode is ideal for routine cleaning.

One Touch

Ecoflex is designed for changing operators – easy and simple. One touch of a button increases performance, adding just enough detergent for dirtier floors. Choose between 5 different levels.

One Minute Boost

Brush pressure: Temporary 60 second power cleaning boost functionality for extra dirty patches.