We have a whole range of janitorial supplies to suit the type and size of job you require. Our aim is to make sure you have everything you need to get your job done.

Janitorials - Bin LIners - Advance CleanRubbish Bags & Bin Liners

We offer a wide range of compostable, plastic-free and biodegradable rubbish bags and bin liners.

Janitorials - Brooms - Advance CleanBrooms

Our range of brooms has different kinds of bristles specific on the type of job you need. It can easily trap dirt and reach even the hard-to-reach places.

Advance Clean - Janitorials - BrushesBrushes

Our wide range of brushes has bristles tough enough to easily remove stubborn dusts, and grime. It is designed to provide comfort to you while you clean. Our brushes range from toilet brushes, dish brushes, scrub brush, plughole brush and more.

Janitorials - Buckets - Advance CleanBuckets

Our range of buckets are highly durable and can hold a good amount of liquid. It is easy to store, carry and manoeuvre. Our wringer buckets helps you wring mops effortlessly.

Janitorials - Cloths - Advance CleanCloths, Wipes & Rags

Our range of wipes and cloths are highly absorbent, taking easily different types of spills and dusts. It is durable for both wet and dry cleaning.

Janitorials - Dusters - Advance CleanDusters

Our range of dusters will help you clean those hard-to­-reach places and every nook and cranny. Dusters are perfect for cleaning ceilings, fans, blinds, window sills and delicate surfaces. It can be hand held dusting or long reach dusting.

Janitorials - Dustpans - Advance CleanDustpans

Our range of dustpans can collect dusts in every sweep helping you clean faster and effectively. They are designed to saves space in your cupboard.

Janitorials - Sponge - Advance CleanHand Pads, Scourers & Sponges

Our range of hand pads, scours & sponges offers only the best in cleaning efficiency. Our hand pads are ideal for multiple scrubbing tasks while our scourers remove even the toughest grime. Our range of sponges are highly absorbent, durable and easy to hold.

Janitorials - Handles - Advance CleanHandles

Our range of handles while providing support to the mop heads and brooms are highly durable and can be colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Janitorials -Hotel Amenities - Advance CleanHospitality, Catering & Amenities

We have a range of guest toiletries and amenities to hotels, motels & apartments for the comfort of your guests.

Janitorials - Lobby Pans - Advance CleanLobby Pans

Our range of lobby pans has excellent capability of collecting dust and can easily be stored away.

Janitorials - MopsMops

Our range of mops comes in different materials and sizes depending on your specific cleaning task and floor area. Some of the mops that we carry are also colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They are highly absorbent and have a high cleaning performance.

Advance Clean - Janitorials - Spray BottlePumps, Triggers & Bottles

We carry spray triggers that can be colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and can withstand a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Our spray bottles are made of heavy duty plastic construction and our pumps & taps for our 5L, 20L and 200L containers.

Janitorials - Safety Clothing - Advance CleanSafety Clothing

You always need something to protect your hands, body, eyes and face when dealing with dusts and chemicals. When you are dealing with food, it is a law to wear something to avoid food contamination.

Advance Clean - Janitorials - GlovesGloves

We have a wide range of gloves that provides you maximum protection, superior grip and comfort depending on the task that you need.

Advance Clean - Janitorials - Safety SignsSafety Signs & Tools

Maintain the safety of your site with our range of safety signs and tools to avoid accidents in your worksite. They are highly durable and can easily be seen.

Janitorials - Janitor Trolley-Cart - Advance CleanTrolleys & Carts

Our range of janitor’s trolleys and carts are highly durable and can easily fit into most elevators, hallways and tight spots. It is easy to assemble and can carry most of the cleaning equipment you need so you can do your job faster, without going back and forth to your cleaning cupboard.

Advance Clean - Janitorials - Window Cleaning EquipmentWindow Cleaning Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of window cleaning equipment from window washers to squeegees. It is all about durability, ease-of-use and high performing window cleaning equipment makes window cleaning faster and easier.