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“We have a commitment to protect and preserve the environment we work and live in.”

Environmental Policy - Advance Clean

Environmental Policy

We have taken the initiative  to improve the environment and human health characteristics. We ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained through the development of our products, operation of our business and the management of our people.

We believe in taking a positive attitude and performance not just towards our valued clients but also towards the environment and community at large.

Download here for a copy of our environmental policy.

Energy Efficiency - Advance Clean

Energy Efficiency

We believe energy efficiency is a fundamental element in progressing towards a sustainable – energy future. Two major areas are generally recognised as a concern: greenhouse gas emission and local and regional air pollution.

We continuously pursue energy efficiency goals through usage of sustainable resources, improvement of production procedures and increase productivity across all company operations.

Third Party Accreditation - Advance Clean

Third Party Accreditation

We have partnered with major suppliers around the word that carries products with accreditation from different environmental organisations. This is to certify that the products we carry is not just about the quality but the impact of it to our environment.

In line with this, Advance also created its own range of chemicals called Advance Nature that is licenced by Environmental Choice New Zealand. This is to make sure that we are truly committed in giving you a great cleaning solution with the utmost consideration for the environment and your health.