Our range of chemicals delivers consistent high quality results every time. For us, it is the combination of quality, performance, savings and sustainability.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Carpet CareCarpet Care

You must have the proper carpet cleaning chemicals with the right equipment to ensure the nice appearance and longevity of your carpet. Understanding the type of stains and addressing the spills right away is the main key for carpet cleaning.

Chemicals - Floor CareFloor Care

Floors give your visitors and customers an impression on how professional your business is. The floor is requires a lot of maintenance because they receive an estimated 90% more wear than any other building. A clean floor enhances presentation and reduces slips and accidents within your site.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - General PurposeGeneral Purpose

Our range of general purpose chemicals will effectively clean in different areas and surfaces. It allows one product to clean several surfaces saving you time and money.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Glass and Window CareGlass and Window Care

A streak-free, clear glass is what you want to achieve for your mirrors, windows, and any other glass surfaces. Find out the different chemicals that can help you achieve this.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Hand CareHand Care

Hand hygiene is incredibly important to reduce the risk of cross contamination. We have a wide range of soaps and sanitisers that will suit individual needs. Keeping in mind that our range are hygienic and at the same time gentle on skin.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Kitchen and Dish CareKitchen and Dish Care

Have your dishes and kitchen area sparkling clean with our wide range of dish detergents. You need something that is tough on grease and also gentle on hands.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Laundry and Fabric CareLaundry and Fabric Care

Have something that will help you fight different types of stains, safe on all colours and water temperatures. Make those white whiter and brights brighter.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Odour ControlOdour Control

Have your work space and washroom smelling fresh and clean. Eliminate those unpleasant odours. Always maintain that freshness in the air!

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Specialty CareSpecialty Care

Specific solutions designed to meet specific cleaning requirements.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Washroom CareWashroom Care

Have a clean and hygienic restroom. We have a range of bathroom cleaners that will keep your guests and visitors happy.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Vehicle CareVehicle Care

We have a huge product range of car care chemicals called Supershine that will help you clean your car inside and out. Our Supershine chemicals are made of the best ingredients to suit and fit the New Zealand conditions.

Advance Clean - Chemicals - Environmental FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly Chemicals

We have our own manufactured green chemicals called Advance Nature that are plant-based and has efficient cleaning power.  Advance also carries products from multiple suppliers that have its own environmental certifications from various organisation.